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66" EPP Le Fish

Le Fish photos by Jeret Lemontt
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Are you ready to move beyond the limitations of 2-axis "bank and yank" slope aerobatics? If so, Le Fish is ready to take you to the next level!

Inspired in equal parts by fullscale aerobatics gliders, the French VTPR phenomenon, and the desire for an EPP glider capable of unlimited aerobatics performance, this original design by Steve Lange introduces a straight leading edge planform combined with ultra-durable American-born EPP construction techniques that's a whole lot of fun for intermediate through expert pilots.

The state-of-the-art SB96V and SB96VS airfoils provide excellent aerobatic performance both upright and inverted. Fullspan flaperons make for a great roll rate and allow true "4-axis" flying for those so inclined.

Le Fish is extremely neutral in all axes and has great energy retention and significant rudder authority. You'll be able to do every glider aerobatics figure in the book, as well as many that aren't!

Never again believe someone who claims that "slopers can't fly knife edge." Le Fish can and does, and when given sufficient speed is capable of sustaining long and pleasing knife edge passes with nose-high attitude.

Le Fish incorporates Leading Edge Gliders' pioneering EPP construction techniques, making for a fast and true build that "falls together" like a kit should. When combined with "best practices" EPP build techniques such as the use of thinned Goop, Solartex, and Ultracote, Le Fish will assemble into an extremely durable slope aerobatics glider that can take the sort of abuse hardcore slope pilots dish out!


  • Wingspan - 66"
  • Airfoils
    • SB96V (root)
    • SB96VS (tip)
  • Weight - 34-37 oz.
  • Wing Area - 520 sq.in.
  • Wingloading - 10-11 oz./sq.ft.
  • Number of Channels - 4
    • Flaperon (x2)
    • Rudder
    • Elevator


  • Unlimited-class glider aerobatics capability
  • "Fish"-shaped fuselage for sustained knife edge flight
  • Giant flaperons for excellent roll rate and 4-axis flying
  • Blend of airfoils provides great inverted performance and versatile all-round capability
  • Legendary EPP durability
  • Leading Edge Gliders' proven EPP construction techniques and kit design

Recommended Radio Gear:

  • Transmitter:
    • Flaperon mixing
    • Snapflap mixing
    • Dual rates
    • Exponential
    • Optional: Self-centering throttle stick for 4 axis flying
  • Servos:
    • Flaperons: 2 x Hitec HS-85MG or equivalent
    • Rudder & Elevator: 2 x standard sized servo
  • Receiver: Standard sized
  • Battery Pack: 6V (5 cell) AA-size NiMH flat pack (approx. 5-6 oz. total weight)



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